Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens 2020

What is Vietnam visa extension? When do Filipino need to extend their Vietnam visa? How can they get Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens?

Vietnam visa requirements for Philippines, Philippines passport holders

Update Vietnam visa services fee for Filipino (Vietnam visa agency)


Do not think that you complete the procedures after getting a Vietnam Visa, because the validity date in your visa is so important that you need to remember. Why? In case you want to stay in Vietnam country longer than visa’s duration, you are required to extend or renew for Vietnam visa. Staying in Vietnam with an expired visa may lead you to get unwanted trouble.

Philippines is in Vietnam exemption list to enter this country, so Filipino passport holders whoever want to live less than 21 days in Vietnam are not required a Vietnam visa. In case you want to stay longer, you still need to apply Vietnam visa. Every visa has a limited period, so a longer stay needs to be extended.

According to provisions of the Government of Vietnam, Filipino nationals are allowed to stay in Vietnam for a limited period. Therefore, if they want to continue staying, Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens is a way to help them, otherwise they will be punished due to overdue visa, can be deported from Vietnam and listed on the entry blacklist.

How to get Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens?

Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens

If you want to get Vietnam visa extension, your original passport will be required to submit to Vietnam Immigration Department for issuing visa, your original passport will be kept there during waiting time, so make sure that you will not use your passport to go to anywhere by air.

You can get visa extension directly at Vietnam Embassy in Philippines.

Vietnam Embassy in Philippines

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Philippines​

Address: 670 Pablo Ocampo St, Malate, Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63-2-5216843​​​ loc. 101

Fax: +63-2-5260472​

The website of Vietnam Embassy in Philippines which is provided for information and service purpose will supply you with information about Vietnam Embassy in Philippines.

Apply Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens

Every country when granted visa for foreigners all has a period, and so does Vietnam. Presently, the Filipino citizens can extend for 1 month visa (single entry), 3 month single entry visa or 3 month multiple entries visa.  Extension fee for these visa types is various from each specific case. It is usually from USD 130 to USD 530 depending on the period as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, this is price for reference purpose.

Procedures to get visa extended is not knotty but your waiting time is quite long. You need to wait for 5 to 7 working days to get 1 month visa extended and 8 to 10 working days to get 3 month visa extended as usual. To simplify your procedures for Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens you can contact any visa agent which can help you get Vietnam Visa On Arrival, they can help you to extend your visa as well.

Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens about work permit

Vietnam Visa Extension for Filipino citizens

Filipino citizens who want to work in Vietnam can not apply for tourism visa, they must have work permit in Vietnam in case they want to work for long time. Besides that, Filipino passport holders can make 2 or 3 year residence card which can be extended after obtaining work permits or make 5 Year Visa Exemption if they are spouses.

Work Permit Extension

Employees whose nationality is Philippines must submit documents to renew work permit to local Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Service where were initially granted the permit before at least 10 days but not more than 30 days before the existing permit expires.

Required documents to extend Work permit

You have to prepare the following documents to extend your work permit:

– The written request to renew the work permit of employer.

– Copy of work contract.

– The current work permit.

Things to be Noted:

1)  Your Vietnam visa must be extended at the minimum of 5 days before deadlines of your stay in Vietnam

2)  You will have to pay additional fee for emergency service

3) You should renew if you want to stay in Vietnam for 3 months and wish to change types of visa from single to multiple. Please kindly read How to get Vietnam visa from Philippines? for a detailed guideline.

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  1. Hi,

    I just have a question. I will be going to Vietnam on March 8, my passport is valid until Sept. 11, 2019.
    I will go to Cambodia on March 10 and re-enter vietnma on March 13. Will I have a problem considering that my passport is valid until Sept. 11, 2019, a few days below the 6 month requirement.


  2. Hello! What are the requirements for Visa Extension for travelling? Also, are there any ofher branches we can apply for extension? Thank you!

    1. Dear Gladys
      Extension visa need main passport and registry temporary of hotel or police station. We get passport for extension at head office only( 56 Nguyen Cu Trinh Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist 1. HCMC).

  3. Hello Admin,

    I want to visit Vietname again like HCMC , we did last year the 20 days, and we really like it there just eating healthy foods. This time for 2020 we are planning to visit again for 20 days and after we want to visit cambodia for 4 days then we want to go back HCMC for another 18 days before we go back to Philippines . We are a Filipino passport by the way. Is this possible for re entry free visa for 18 days after visiting Cambodia? Appreaciate your response

  4. I have bussiness multiple visa but will expired on March 15 but unfortunately we i can not come back to vietnam by that time. Can i extend my visa in the embassy here in the philippines

  5. Hello!
    I am Philippines passport holder. I go in vietnam to register marriage with my girlfriend who is a Vietnamese. Because the registration of marriage takes 15 working days to be finished and i need around 5-7 days more to get certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage at the Philippines embassy in Vietnam. However I only have 21 days to stay in Vietnam, so I would like to apply for visa extension for 1 month to finish our marriage registration. I am in Vietnam right now. Could you please instruct me the procedures to get visa extension and what are the requirements? Thank you very much in advance. (please inform me as soon as possible)

  6. Hello! Just to confirm if it is possible to extend business visa even your sponsorship company has been closed due to pandemic as consideration the company gave us 1 month business extension to stay here in vietnam but after that no more, so please help us if there are any possible process like agencies or etc to help us extend business visa

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