Don’t Miss Exciting Adventures In Vietnam on Your Powerful Motorcycle

Your wanderlust makes you always excited about exploring new destinations, right? A fascinating adventure in Vietnam on your own motorcycle, why not?

Experiencing adventure in Vietnam certainly gives you unforgettable memories. Considered the best way to enjoy adventures, traveling by motorcycle becomes more and more popular and brings you the most exciting experiences. For a perfect trip, you have to prepare a few things before starting the discovery. Let’s find out together.

Why Should You Travel To Vietnam By Motorbike?

An adventure in Vietnam is more than just a vacation. This is the opportunity to get to know Vietnam better by getting into direct contact with the people, exploring the famous places and tasting the worth-trying specialties.

I used to travel by bus or train and occasionally met backpackers on their motorcycles during these trips. The more I interact with them, the more I desire to adopt this mode of transport.

They travel at their own pace without depending on bus or train schedules. They stop whenever they want and one more special thing is that they are able to meet the locals and discover little-known landscapes. It is the freedom and immersion that I desire to experience.

Traveling by motorcycle, you can enjoy your meal with the locals and they also invite you to drink rice wine and take photos before you come back on the road. 

With this travel form, you sometimes meet some farmers who invite you to visit their houses and taste the fruits in their garden. Perhaps you think that it’s too good to be true but this is what happens when you enjoy the adventure in this S-shaped nation.  

Ideal Types of Motorcycles For Your Adventurous Trips

Vietnam motorbike tours take you to an exciting adventure in Vietnam. There is nothing better than enjoying your ride on your own motorbike. Let’s find out the right motorbike for your trip.

Honda CRF250L

Widely used by the Vietnamese, Honda CRF250L is probably the most popular dirt bike model in Southeast Asia. As a powerful motorcycle with a close-ratio five-speed transmission, it is definitely suitable for long journeys even for 2 people with big luggage on the bike.

Honda Win

You will find that on the Vietnamese roads, this model is quite popular. Many people choose this one because it is cheap and easily repaired by all domestic mechanics. Actually, a 110cc engine is more than powerful enough to cross the country. 

Yamaha Nouvo

This scooter has an automatic transmission, thus, being suitable for those who do not feel comfortable using it by hand. However, this motorbike is more inconvenient than Honda when traveling long distances. You should consider it before driving.

Some Interesting Places To Explore In Vietnam

Vietnam is a small and long country with a diversity of landscapes and climates. Wanna explore Vietnam on your motorbike? Thousands of intriguing destinations are available.

If you want to explore the mountains and ethnic minorities, head north. If you are more attracted to the beaches and the sun, go south. 

An interesting adventure in Vietnam is waiting for you to explore.

Thanh An Island – Can Gio

Coming to Thanh An, you will see familiar scenes with salt fields, mangrove forests, and wharves. 

There are a lot of beautiful scenes for you to take pictures like the road rocks along the sea. The most impressive one is the rock beach pierced directly into the sea which looks incredible. Just come and explore!

You can also enjoy the fresh seafood dishes caught by the islanders at low prices. You can reach Thanh An – Can Gio by driving by motorbike. It won’t take you long, just over 1 hour from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Floating village of Tan Lap, Long An

About 100km from Ho Chi Minh City (the section right at the heart of Cu Chi), the village gives you a chance to experience the feeling of going through the forest by canoe down the Rach Rung, visiting the Xeo Quyt area, and exploring Melaleuca forest. Take a trip here to feel the land created by Mother Nature.

Tri An Lake

Tri An Lake, which is about 80km from Ho Chi Minh City, comes with picturesque scenery. If you want to enjoy quiet and peaceful holidays, this place is a great choice.

Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere from the scent of plants and trees together with the breeze blowing from the lake.


Essential Things To Note When Traveling To Vietnam


You should pack from 5 to 6 sets into your backpack. In case you miss some items, you can buy them later. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to minimize the weight of the luggage. However, each trip is different and the recommendations for clothing vary greatly, depending on the destination and the date.

We highly recommend a backpack or a soft bag. Suitcases can be bulky and difficult to handle for a Vietnam motorcycle trip.

Clothes are fixed on the back of the motorcycle, so just take the important things with you. A backpack or small diagonal bag is an appropriate choice.

You should choose a helmet with a shield. It will help you a lot in case you face heavy rain or dust.

  • Here are a few essential items you need to bring: a motorcycle repair kit, a medium knife, a raincoat, big wrap bags, a small tent, and a gas stove.
  • Eating and drinking: If you are tired or hungry, stop to rest and eat. You can taste the specialties in each locality and learn more about the culture of the people. 
  • Companion: Traveling alone is sometimes quite boring. Not to mention, you may have to face terrible risks and solve them by yourself. Therefore, you should have at least one friend travel with you. Or if you want to get acquainted with new friends, you can take a Vietnam motorbike tour.

In Conclusion

We have shared with you some interesting information about adventures in Vietnam by motorcycle. We hope you would prepare well for your journey. Please feel free to comment or ask us your question. Don’t forget to come back for more interesting topics. Have a good day!

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