Vietnam Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Citizens

Vietnam is a beautiful country with rich culture, history, and scenic landscapes that attracts visitors from across the globe. For Uruguayan citizens looking to travel to Vietnam, obtaining a proper visa in advance is mandatory.

This comprehensive guide outlines all the key details related to Vietnam visa for Uruguayan passport holders – the different types, eligibility criteria, application process, documents required, fees, validity period, extension options, and more. It also answers some frequently asked questions and provides helpful resources for Uruguayans planning a trip to Vietnam.

Overview of Vietnam Visa Types for Uruguayan Passport Holders

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Citizens

Uruguayan citizens can apply for several kinds of visas depending on the purpose and duration of stay in Vietnam:

Tourist Business Visas

  • eVisa – Convenient online 30-day, single-entry visa for tourism business. Extendable up to 90 days.
  • Single-entry Visa – 30-day visa obtained from an embassy. Also extendable up to 90 days.

Long-stay and Multiple-entry Visas

  • Multiple-entry Visa – Allows multiple entries over its 1 to 12 month validity period. Ideal for frequent travelers.
  • Long-stay Visa – For studying, working and living in Vietnam for over 90 days. Allows multiple entries and longevity.

Eligibility and Application Process for Vietnam eVisa for Uruguayan Citizens

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Citizens

To be eligible for a Vietnam eVisa, Uruguayans must fulfil these criteria:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Valid Uruguayan passport (6 months minimum validity)
  • 2 blank pages in passport
  • Return flight ticket
  • Proof of hotel accommodation
  • Valid email address

Application Process

Follow these steps to obtain an easy and fast Vietnam eVisa:

  1. Apply online via official website
  2. Fill detailed application form
  3. Upload necessary documents
  4. Pay visa fees online securely
  5. Wait for email approval (3-5 days)

Essential Documents Required for Obtaining a Vietnam Visa for Uruguayan Citizens

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Citizens

Uruguayans need to submit the following documents when applying for a Vietnam visa:

  • Valid passport (6 months validity minimum)
  • Completed visa application form
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of passport biodata page
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Payment confirmation/receipts

Processing Time and Fees for Vietnam Visa Applications for Uruguayan Citizens

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Citizens
Visa Type Processing Time Fees
eVisa 3-5 days $25
Single-entry (Embassy) 5-7 days $80
Multiple-entry 7-10 days $135

The processing time varies by visa type chosen. Embassies generally take longer than fast-track eVisas. Fees differ based on the validity period desired.

Validity and Duration of Stay for Uruguayans with a Vietnam Visa

The initial validity period granted under different types of visas is:

  • eVisa – 30 days
  • Single-entry – 30 days
  • Multiple-entry – 1 to 12 months

The duration of stay allowed for Uruguay citizens is 30 days for eVisas and single-entry visas, which can be extended up to 90 days total stay.

Multiple-entry visas allow longer stays, as per their validity period. These can also be extended further through proper channels.

Extension of Vietnam Visa for Uruguayan Citizens beyond Authorized Period

If Uruguayan visitors wish to extend their Vietnam visa beyond 30 or 90 days stay, they can apply for an extension by:

Extension Process

  • Contacting the nearest Immigration Department office
  • Submitting extension application form
  • Providing passport, visa documentation
  • Paying extension fees
  • Waiting for 7-10 days for new approval letter

Fees for first 30-day extension is $25. Further extensions cost more. The maximum extended stay cannot exceed 12 months.

Entry Procedures and Border Control Regulations for Uruguayans in Vietnam

Upon arrival in Vietnam, Uruguayan citizens must follow these immigration entry procedures:

Arrival Formalities

  • Present passport, Vietnam visa documentation
  • Undergo fingerprinting, photographing
  • Complete arrival/departure card
  • Get passport stamped by immigration officers
  • Declare regulated items brought into Vietnam
  • Provide contacts in Vietnam for reference

Uruguayans without proper visas will be denied entry. Overstay beyond authorized period also attracts penalties, fines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Vietnam Visa for Uruguayan Citizens

Which places allow visa-on-arrival for Uruguayan citizens?

Uruguay is not in the list of countries eligible for visa-on-arrival facility currently.

Can the eVisa be extended while in Vietnam?

Yes, eVisa can be extended once for up to 60 additional days through local Immigration Department offices.

Is visa approval letter essential for boarding flight to Vietnam?

Yes, airlines will check visa documentation before allowing boarding. Carry printed approval letter.


Vietnam offers Uruguayan tourists, businessmen and travelers a range of great visas – from convenient eVisas to 1-year multiple-entry options. Meet the eligibility criteria, choose suitable type based on stay duration, and apply via recommended process. Carry all requisite documents, adhere to extension regulations and arrival formalities. This comprehensive guide with FAQs and resources will help Uruguayans plan a smooth Vietnam trip.

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