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Getting a Vietnam Visa Through a Travel Agency

Going through a Vietnam visa agency is also an option and pretty popular, however, scams are sometimes inevitable. You should do your research and read reviews about the travel agency you are planning to have your visa processed.

Vietnam visa agencies can be contacted online, normally, they will ask for a copy of your passport, passport photo entry date, and entry and exit point.

Getting a Vietnam Visa Through a Travel Agency
Getting a Vietnam Visa Through a Travel Agency

They will also ask some questions, for example, the days you are going to stay and if you need multiple entries or just a single one.

If you are going through a travel agency in the other countries, they should be able to provide you with the actual visa sticker, make sure to clarify this before paying.

Vietnam visa agencies can also provide you with an invitation letter.

The visa online is easier than the visa you get from the Vietnam Embassy?

That the process for a Vietnamese visa on arrival is easier and faster than via the Embassy. You don’t need to give or send your passport anywhere. You don’t need to wait for the embassy, and for the post office to process your documents and deliver them.

What you pay for the Vietnam visa online is almost the same you would pay for Vietnam Embassy.

The application for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival takes about 2 working days depending on the case. And the Vietnam visa you get through the online process has the same rights, conditions, and limitations as the visa issued by the Vietnam Embassy.

We through doing the Vietnam tourist visa on arrival process and the services of

The online process was very easy and fast. The website gave you a quick reply, all our documents and letter were correct, and you had no problem when you arrived at the immigration office at the airport. Also, we gave you all the information about how to find the Landing Visa counter, that might be a queue there and you would have to wait. Very clear and straightforward information.

How do I get a visa on arrival for Vietnam?

To get the Vietnamese visa on arrival you have to pay two fees. The first one is paid to the company, in our case The payment is online, and you could pay via credit card.

There are a few companies or agencies processing the visas for Vietnam, and the price can vary among them. I would suggest you not choose the company or agency based only on the price, choose one that you heard positive reviews. Be smart and avoid online scams. Your travel to Vietnam depends on the visa, so make sure you choose the right Vietnam visa agency to start your trip hassle-free.

💻 In case you want to guarantee the visa for your trip to Vietnam, we are here to help. We are always here to support you, please visit the, let me know if you have any question, contact us. You all will be assisted in every step from the start of your application until you successfully get the visa and land in Vietnam.



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