Take Awesome Vietnam Road Trips by Motorbike - Have You Tried It?

Take Awesome Vietnam Road Trips by Motorbike – Have You Tried It?

Riding through Vietnam road trips, you can encounter many beautiful scenes and adventures in the North. Have you ever tried this trip out? If not, then let’s get started.

Young people are more and more inclined to motorbike road trips in Vietnam today because of the great pleasure they bring. That being said, they also contain inevitable potential dangers that everyone needs to be aware of. Here are a few notes for you when traveling to Vietnam by motorbike.

Take Awesome Vietnam Road Trips by Motorbike - Have You Tried It?
Take Awesome Vietnam Road Trips by Motorbike – Have You Tried It?

Why should you travel by motorbike in Vietnam?

Combine adventure and cultural exploration

Unlike other tours, motorbike travel can help you reach remote villages to explore their colorful local culture. Surely you will be amazed by the rustic and idyllic beauty of nature and people here. On a motorbike, you can go to the farthest reaches of the country that cars or buses cannot approach.

Enjoy a range of unique cuisines

Vietnam is considered as the culinary cradle of the world. Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its street food and unique traditional dishes. 

When taking a Vietnam motorcycle trip, you will get a chance to ride to the country’s rural or remote areas like Northwest or Ha Giang loop where you can experience lots of local foods that cannot be found anywhere else.

Find friendly locals and motorbike repair shops everywhere

You can quickly enter a village and ask for a night’s stay there. Sure, plenty of locals will welcome you. Almost all the people living in remote Vietnamese lands are very generous. Their lives are poor yet delightful.

If possible, pick up your backpack and go to lots of places, and see for yourself if my words are correct!

Offer a great degree of flexibility 

Motorbike travel is much more versatile than other forms (including bus, car or train). You can go fast or slow, go on smooth, free roads or cross the rivers or into the forests, and stop anywhere to take pictures or stop by the roadside to rest and admire the scenery.

What do you need to prepare for this exciting trip?

For a safe motorbike trip, you need to prepare a few things in advance.

  • It would be best if you used a digital motorcycle for more convenience. 
  •  Consider what things to bring
  • Before your trip, take your motorbike for maintenance 
  • Some of my recommendations are:
    • You should install both mirrors to increase visibility when driving.
    • Vehicle-related documents include vehicle registration, driver’s license, and travel insurance.
    • Use reflective stickers on the rear of the vehicle so that the motorcycles in the group can recognize one another from afar at night.
    • Glasses with helmets (at least the solid first half, not fashionable hats), clothing and body protections such as elbows, pillows, gloves
    • Prepare about 2 liters of gasoline.

Top attractive destinations in North Vietnam that cannot be ignored

The North is considered the cradle of Vietnam’s long-standing culture and history. By taking a North Vietnam motorbike tour, visitors can admire the magnificent architecture and beautiful natural scenery. Let’s explore the most attractive tourist destinations in the North.

Ha Giang loop

Ha Giang is a destination that cannot be missed in your exciting Vietnam road trip. With the combination of the natural beauty of rivers, mountains, clouds, and passes, anyone who has come here acknowledged the beauty of this land. 

During the journey to conquer the sacred northmost region of the country, you also should take a ride through the legendary Ma Pi Pass – one of the four high peaks of the pass on the road named “Happiness”.

If you go in the triangular flower season, you can see firsthand the captivating beauty of the flower fields. You can go to Ha Giang by car or by motorbike to fully feel the beauty of this rocky plateau.

Tam Dao – Vinh Phuc

About 80 km from Hanoi, the trip to Tam Dao does not take up too much of your time and energy. Tam Dao tourist resort is located in Tam Dao town, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province. 

This is like a miniature Sapa; the climate here is cold all year round. The romantic, foggy scenery is very suitable for families or young people to take a weekend break. Tam Dao, with countless exhilarating beauty spots, can save you meaningful time on your Vietnam road trip.

Halong Bay – Quang Ninh

As a natural heritage of the world, Halong bay is one of the popular destinations in Vietnam. For those who love the sea, Halong Bay is the tourist spot worth considering.

Halong Bay comprises many stone islands with unique shapes and famous beautiful caves. With the cruise to visit the bay, you can admire Trong Mai, beautiful natural mountains, rush down to the ultra-clean Ti Top beach, or get lost in Thien Cung cave, etc.

Halong Bay is like a vivid given by the Creator. If you can admire the mysterious beauty that nature has bestowed on Halong, you will find great value in your travel.

In the middle of the vast space, thousands of rocky islands appear in different shapes, which are like jades in the fanciful crystal space.

Final words

There are many great destinations in Vietnam waiting for you to explore. In the Vietnam road trip by motorbike, you should not miss the attractive places above. Through each destination, you will gain a more comprehensive view of the culture, traditions, and people of this beautiful country.

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