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Protection of citizens in hot spots

Protection of citizens in hot spots

Vietnam is one of countries with high international migrants to more than 500,000 people are working and studying in a foreign country, not to mention people who have citizenship in countries

12-9, in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen province, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated the international Organization for Migration (IOM) organized a workshop on “Dealing with migration crisis and Vietnam protection of citizens abroad” .

Vulnerable groups

Nguyen Thi Huong Lan, Deputy International Migration Division of the Consular Department (Foreign Ministry), said that the world had never witnessed rapid migration with over 232 current million, accounting for more than 3, 3% of the world population.

Vietnam is one of countries with high international migrants. According to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Vietnam currently has more than 500,000 people are working and studying in a foreign country, not to mention people who have citizenship in the country. From 1970 to 1980, Vietnam has an exodus of more than 1 million people abroad and after 1980, a second major wave of migration occurred when nearly 300,000 people into the countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe under comprehensive labor cooperation.

bảo hộ công dân ở nước ngoài

Mr. Jobst Koehler (left), IOM Chief of Mission in Vietnam, talked about helping Vietnam protection of citizens abroad

When the Gulf War broke out in 1991, tens of thousands of workers Vietnam in this area in a situation dangerous to life. A campaign by the government to evacuate successfully deployed more than 17,000 workers in Iraq on domestic Vietnam. In 2011, a crisis more international migration takes place when the Libyan conflict, civil war. One campaign continues to evacuate is made to put Vietnam on the 10,000 workers in the country to return. From January 6-2014 far, Vietnam continues to implement the campaign to bring thousands to evacuate people in Libya and Ukraine out of the war zone.
Nguyen Huu Trang, Director of the Consular Department, said that the world is living complex civil wars, ethnic conflicts, wars frequently occurred in Africa, the Middle East … led to the death , casualties. Over the years, in addition to community benefits that Vietnam offers overseas, this is vulnerable group due to the instability caused abroad. “The time in eastern Ukraine are more than 300 households in Vietnam who need help before the unrest in the region,” – he said Rover.
According Jopst Koehler, IOM Chief of Mission in Vietnam, Vietnam is one of countries with the number of migrants abroad much of the world. Currently citizens of Vietnam were present in more than 40 countries, including many where instability.
Implications line
Chris Topher Hopman, emergency response experts and the IOM post-crisis Asia – Pacific, said he was thrilled to witness hordes Vietnam who sought to cross the border to Libya lodging and efforts of the Government of Vietnam in making these people escape the land of death. “Vietnam is one of the countries soon put out of Libyan citizens in the last 6 months” – Chris Topher Hopman said.
According to this expert, migration crisis domino identifiable, ie implications will line up the long-term effects. A major domestic labor in Vietnam to Libya to work, hours must return empty-handed, unemployment does not only affect them but also for the whole family. “Every citizen government in crisis affected migrants to understand their aspirations are those reasonable protective measures” – Chris Topher Hopman said.
Pham Viet Huong, Deputy Director of the Overseas Labor Management under the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs, said after the migration crisis and put the country Vietnam citizen, has criticized the Fund overseas employment assistance to support 1 million workers each; directed the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs to implement support measures for their local employment; the labor export enterprises preferred to recruit the number of workers in other countries. The provinces have foreign workers returning budget also supports export 1-3 million per person to settle temporarily.
According to Huong, Vietnam needs to negotiate and conclude agreements, bilateral agreements on labor cooperation, mutual legal assistance with countries Vietnam labor to create the legal basis for the authorities protection of performing overseas workers.

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