Ban Gioc waterfall 

North Vietnam motorbike loop – 4 Awesome Places To Conquer 

Conquering North Vietnam is the dream of many people who aspire to admire the magnificent nature of the world. In fact, there are many ways for you to explore this pristine land, but the most ideal means is certainly a motorbike. 

However, for a perfect North Vietnam motorbike loop trip, some locations will be more suitable than others. 

Please be assured that, with our long Northern mountainous travel experience, we will provide you with a list of the best sites to explore by motorbike here. If you are planning a trip, consider the following spots, and you’ll have the most memorable trip of your life. 

Ban Gioc waterfall 

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the heavenly cascades in the world with a majestic and attractive beauty, located between the deep green mountains and forests of Cao Bang.

The waterfall is located about 90km from Cao Bang city, 400km from the center of Hanoi capital, and at the border between Vietnam and China. From Cao Bang, you can go towards Tra Linh – Tong Coc to reach this stunning destination of the Northern Loop Vietnam. In addition, you can also choose the road through Ma Phuc Pass because the mountainous scenery along the way is very beautiful and charming.

Ban Gioc waterfall 
Ban Gioc waterfall

The best part is that you can come here anytime. In the rainy season (from August to September), the waterfall looks very majestic, while you will be able to encounter the peaceful golden rice fields of Ban Gioc waterfall in the dry season.

Ba Be lake 

Compared to Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake is closer to Hanoi, about 220 km away from the capital, but the road is quite small and difficult to go. Therefore, be more careful if you choose this location on your motorcycle tours in Vietnam. That being said, what you receive after arriving will make you extremely surprised.

From Hanoi, you can drive a motorbike along Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen. At the intersection with TL 268 (km 31), you turn left to Dinh Hoa (Chu market). From here, you continue to ride along TL 254 to Bang Lung (Don market) and keep going for about 40km to Ba Be. Or, from Hanoi, you follow Highway 3 to reach Bac Kan before riding to Phu Thong Town. After that, turn left and follow TL 258 about 40km to get there.

You can visit the lake with a boat trip costing about VND 400,000 to 5 points, including the Widow Island, the Puong cave, Pe Lam, Pe Lu, and Pe Leng lakes. Also, An Ma temple on An Ma island between Ba Be lake, Hua Ma cave, and Dau Dang waterfall are places you should not miss while conquering the North Vietnam motorbike loop.

Bac Kan’s back roads

Bac Kan is located in Northeast Vietnam with hilly terrain. You can go to Bac Kan in any season of the year, but the most suitable time is summer (May to July) because this is the time when Bac Kan has the most poetic natural scenery. As a result, you will have the opportunity to travel through the deep forests, rivers, mountains, sparsely populated valleys, and villages of the minority.

Let’s take to Highway 4A to see the scenery from the majestic limestone passes and stop at the Dong Dang town, on the Vietnam-China border. After that, the lush natural scenery of rivers, forests, mountains, and the rural life in That Khe town will make you feel surprisingly comfortable and refreshing.

Mau Son mountain – Bac Son valley

Located 30 km northeast of Lang Son City, Mau Son is a mountainous area with diverse terrain. In particular, if you drive a motorbike to this part of the North Vietnam motorbike loop in the winter, you will have the opportunity to encounter snow-capped scenery. The winter here (from November to March next year) has an average temperature of 7-13 degrees. The summer is also very cold, often having rain, and the average temperature is around 16-17 degrees.

Departing from Hanoi to Mau Son is only 200 km if you follow Highway 4. The road is quite beautiful and it is also convenient to conquer. It will take you about 4-5 hours to get to Lang Son City.

Mau Son mountain
Mau Son mountain

Mau Son Peak is 1,000 m above sea level with pristine, ancient beauty, and mysteries. Especially, many villas here have ancient architecture from the French colonial period. Besides, let’s visit Long Dau stream, Buddha Mountain, and Mau Son ancient spiritual site when coming here. Then, visit Bac Son valley with the wild beauty of towering limestone mountains, fresh air, and lush green fields, etc.

The North Vietnam motorbike loop tour we’ve introduced will take you through the four most beautiful and pristine natural wonders in this region, not only waterfalls, hills, but also terraced fields, etc. Whatever your interests, they will please your mind.

Hope that our guide will be useful to you in your North Vietnam loop journey, though don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Thank you and have a great trip.

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