List of Philippines Public Holidays 2020

List of Philippines Public Holidays 2020

Generally, no fixed list of holiday dates in the Philippines can be provided because some holidays are movable. However, the President is tasked by law under the provisions of Republic Act 9492 to issue a Proclamation prior to their occurrence to finalize the specific date of their observance. Here is the list of Philippines Public Holiday 2020:

Date Name Type Details
1 Jan Wednesday New Year’s Day Regular Holiday New Year’s Day is as an important holiday in the Philippines, sets the start of a new year in the Gregorian calendar, which is used in many countries including the Philippines.
23 Jan Thursday First Philippine Republic Day Special Working Public Holiday Even though First Philippine Republic Day falls on Saturday, 23 January 2021, it is a working day. Most businesses follow regular opening hours in Philippines.
25 Jan Saturday Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day Special Non-working Holiday Chinese New Year is considered to be the most important festival for the Chinese community in the Philippines. The celebration stretches to about 15 days with varied observations each day.
25 Feb Tuesday People Power Anniversary Special Non-working Holiday People Power Anniversary is a nationwide observance and school holiday in the Philippines each year. This event holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos as they remember a revolution that restored democracy in the Philippines in 1986.
20 Mar Friday March Equinox Season There are two equinoxes every year, in March and September, when the Sun shines directly on the equator, and the length of night and day are nearly equal.
22 Mar Sunday Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj Common local holiday Isra and Mi’raj, also known as Al Isra’ wal Miraj, is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab, the seventh month in the Islamic calendar. This event marks the night that Allah (God) took Mohammad (also known as Mohamed or Muhammed) on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven.
9 Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday Regular Holiday Maundy Thursday, which is the day before Good Friday, is a popular Christian holiday in countries such as the Philippines.
9 Apr Thursday The Day of Valor Regular Holiday Araw ng Kagitingan, also known as the Day of Valor, marks the greatness of Filipino fighters during World War II. It is marked on or around April 9 in the Philippines each year.
10 Apr Friday Good Friday Regular Holiday Good Friday is both a religious occasion and a public holiday in the Philippines, where most people follow the Christian faith. It occurs two days before Easter Sunday.
11 Apr Saturday Black Saturday Special Non-working Holiday Black Saturday is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.
12 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible.
1 May Friday Labor Day Regular Holiday May Day, or Labor Day, is a public holiday in many countries worldwide. It is associated with the start of spring as well as the celebration of workers.
24 May Sunday Eidul-Fitar Regular Holiday Eid-al-Fitr (Eid al-Fitr, Eid ul-Fitr, Id-Ul-Fitr, Eid) is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. It marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting and prayer. Many Muslims attend communal prayers, listen to a khutba (sermon) and give zakat al-fitr (charity in the form of food) during Eid al-Fitr.
12 Jun Friday Independence Day Regular Holiday One of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history is Independence Day because it marks the nation’s independence from the Spanish rule on June 12, 1898. Filipinos celebrate it annually on June 12.
21 Jun Sunday June Solstice Season The June solstice is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
31 Jul Friday Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) Regular Holiday

Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim (also known as Abraham) to follow Allah’s (God’s) command to sacrifice his son. Muslims around the world observe this event.


1 Aug Saturday Eid al-Adha Day 2 Common local holiday
20 Aug Thursday Amun Jadid Muslim, Common local holiday The Islamic New Year is on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the lunar Islamic calendar, which differs from the Gregorian calendar.
21 Aug Friday Ninoy Aquino Day Special Non-working Holiday Ninoy Aquino Day is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.
31 Aug Monday National Heroes Day Regular Holiday
3 Sep Thursday Yamashita Surrender Day Special Working Public Holiday
8 Sep Tuesday Feast of the Nativity of Mary Special Working Public Holiday
22 Sep Tuesday September Equinox Season
29 Oct Thursday Maulid un-Nabi Common local holiday Sunni Muslims observe the Prophet Muhammed’s (also known as Mohammed or Muhammad) birthday on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’ al-awwal, while Shi’a Muslims mark it on the 17th of this month. Muhammed is believed to be the last prophet.
1 Nov Sunday All Saints’ Day Special Non-working Holiday
2 Nov Monday All Souls’ Day Observance All Souls’ Day is a day of alms giving and prayers for the dead. The intent is for the living to assist those in purgatory. Many western churches annually observe All Souls’ Day on November 2 and many eastern churches celebrate it prior to Lent and the day before Pentecost.
2 Nov Monday Additional Special Non-Working Day Special Non-working Holiday
30 Nov Monday Bonifacio Day Regular Holiday
8 Dec Tuesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception Special Non-working Holiday Many Christian communities around the world annually observe the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. This day is a holy day of obligation in which many Christians, particularly of the Catholic faith, attend special church services for this occasion.
21 Dec Monday December Solstice Season

The December solstice can be on December 20, 21, 22, or 23. It is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the darkest day of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.

24 Dec Thursday Christmas Eve Observance Christmas Eve, which is the day before Christmas Day, is celebrated in many countries worldwide. It is a Christian observance that falls on December 24 in the Gregorian calendar.
24 Dec Thursday Additional Special Non-Working Day Special Non-working Holiday
25 Dec Friday Christmas Day Regular Holiday
30 Dec Wednesday Rizal Day Regular Holiday
31 Dec Thursday New Year’s Eve Special Non-working Holiday

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