How to respond when losing your passport in Vietnam?

How to respond when losing your passport in Vietnam?

Everyone surely does not want themselves to be in unwanted situation such as: be stuck at the airport, lose passport or be arrested unreasonably. How to respond if you lost your passport on a trip to Vietnam?

While travelling to Vietnam, your passport may be lost because of some popular reasons such as: robbery, by being careless, you dropped it somewhere, losing the passport in washing machine… you will feel depressed. Do not panic, just calm down and do the following things, we will show what you must do to get a new passport and also to get a Vietnam visa for not staying in Vietnam illegally.

What to do when your passport is lost?

Report to the closest Vietnamese police office where your passport is lost

How to respond when losing your passport in Vietnam?

After realizing your passport had gone, you should immediately report to Vietnamese police office as soon as possible. You must claim where, when and how your passport is lost or stolen. You will receive the confirmed document on your lost passport granted from the police after finishing the report with detailed information. With this document, it will be easy to get emergency passport from your Embassy or Consulate-General in the next step.

>> Filipino citizens should know Vietnam Immigration Department office

Apply for a new passport at your Embassy or Consulate

The next step you must follow is get to your closest Embassy or consulate as soon as possible and apply for a new passport to replace the old one.

Required documents for renewing passport: 

  • Application for a passport renewal
  • 2 passport sized photos
  • A copy of passport

How to respond when losing your passport in Vietnam?

When you go to your Embassy or Consulate – General, they will help and show you procedures to apply for the new passport. The new passport may be granted within at least two working days and you are required to pay an additional fee to have the new passport replaced with the lost one. Of course, the sooner you want to get your new passport, the more expensive you must pay for fee.

Get a replacement Vietnam visa

After your new passport has been issued, your Embassy or Consulate-General will give you a letter to the Vietnamese Immigration Department, which requests their assistance to issue a replacement visa in your new passport. Vietnamese authorities will not permit you to leave Vietnam until your replacement visa is issued. A fee will be payable to the relevant Immigration Department.

How to get Vietnam visa from Philippines? You can apply for Vietnam visa in 2 ways: apply directly in person at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate  or apply via a visa agent.

Documents needed to submit at Vietnam Immigration to process the exit visa:

How to respond when losing your passport in Vietnam?

  • Your new passport
  • Passport photo
  • The report on the loss of exit and entry visa (certified by Local Police Department)
  • The diplomatic note of yours Embassy or Consulate
  • Your air tickets


Address: 44 – 46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Phone number: +(04).8264026 about entry and exit Vietnam, residing of foreigners in Vietnam, repatriating of Vietnam citizens living abroad.


Address: No 7 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang city, Vietnam

Phone No: (+84-7511) 3 823 383


Address: No 161 Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone No: (+84-8) .38.299.398

How to respond when losing your passport in Vietnam?

Special advice about passport while travelling

Of course no one want themselves get trouble when going on a trip, but some time you have to face to face with it. To minimize, we will give you some advice:

  • You should make at least two copies of your passport before travelling. This will be helpful when you apply for a new passport and to apply for a new visa.
  • When you get a new passport, the passport number is not the same as the old, please check your airline booking and your visa for other countries as soon as the new passport is issued. The old visas in the lost passports are just LOST.


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